Lebanese Politicians on Twitter: The Race Accelerates in July

Lebanese Politicians on Twitter: The Race Accelerates in July

This month the competition between the Lebanese Politicians is becoming more intense than ever.

Minister Gebran Bassil who was in 6th place in June with 44 Tweets, has jumped to be most active on Twitter during the month of July with a sum of 226 Tweets.

Minister Nicolas Sehnaoui who was first in June, is now ranked second with a sum of 175 Tweets, he also kept “The Most Re-Tweets” Badge for this month as well by Re-Tweeting his followers in 28% of his Tweets. Former Prime Minister Saad Hariri is still keeping the “Most Followed” badge.

The “Most Social” Badge goes to Politician Antoine Haddad who replied 48 times to his followers which represent 40% of his total Tweets. Politician Samir Geagea earned the “Most Following” badge for being the politician who follows more people on Twitter.

This analysis shows exactly how properly managing Social Networks to interact with followers is now a crucial element in the political strategies.

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