Politicians on Twitter in February: Watch out Minister Nicolas Sehnaoui!

Politicians on Twitter in February: Watch out Minister Nicolas Sehnaoui!

The unbeatable on Twitter until till now  who is always managing to stay the most active Lebanese politician on Twitter for February 2013 is none other than Minister Nicolas Sehnaoui!

This month Mr. Elie Ferzli’s Twitter activity made him the second most active Lebanese politician on Twitter, and took the position from Mr. Fares Souaid to become the third most active Lebanese politician on Twitter.

We are looking forward to monitoring all the politicians on Twitter especially this year, where everybody is pitching for their chair position in the parliament.

February Badges go to:

-  Minister Nicolas Sehnaoui earned the “Most Active” and “Most Re-Tweets” Badges.

-  Minister Gebran Bassil earned the “Most Social” Badge

- Mr. Boutros Harb earned the “Most Improved” Badge.

-  Former Prime Minister Saad Hariri still keeping both the “Most Followed” and “Most Lifetime Tweets” Badges


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